Frequently Asked Questions


  • For simple questions DOPL will help for free (801) 530-6628
  • Utah Home Builders gives a free group class; HBAUTAH.COM

Business Entity

  • To make a business entity, go to “One stop business registration”
  • Any question with the business entity you will need to call an attorney or a CPA.

How do I pick a license?

  • Look on page 193 of your “Utah Contractor Education Book” (You will receive this book at the 25 hour Pre-License course)
  • You can also call and ask DOPL (801) 530-6628
  • Or look at R156-55a


  • Subcontractors are a specialty license (Painting, Masonry, landscaping…. etc.)
  • To qualify for a Subcontractors license you will need to;
    • Take the 25hr Pre-License class
    • Have a business entity set up
    • Have insurance
    • Fill out an application to send to DOPL and pay all fees.

General Contractor

  • General contractor is a license that covers all trades and gives you the ability to hire Subcontractors
  • To qualify for a General Contractors license you will need to;
    •  Take the 25hr Pre-License class
    • Have a business entity set up
    • Have insurance
    • 2 years of legal experience
    • Take 1 state tests through PSI
    • Feel out an application to send to DOPL and pay all fees.


  • PSI is where you take state licensing tests.
  • Subcontractors do not have to take any tests
  • General Contractors must take 1 test; the “Business Law Exam”
  • To register for a PSI exam;
    • You must make an account with them
    •  Pick what trade you are wanting to test for
    • Then pick a time and location to take the test
  • The Business Law test is an open book test. You can take “The Utah Contractor Education Book” and the “NASCLA” 3rd Edition textbook
  • You are able to order the “NASCLA” 3rd edition text book through AGC or on Amazon.
  • PSI website is Phone number (877) 526-6833

25 Hour Pre-License Class

  • This class is available to everyone not just HBA members
  • Everyone is required to pay for the 25 hour Pre-License class, it is $320 per seat not per company.
  • 25 hour Pre-License class is a basic business class the state (DOPL) requires all contractors to take.

(A Handy Man Certificate is an exception)

  • It does not matter what license you are getting (what trade you are doing) all of the Pre-License classes are the same.
  • The qualifier has to take the 25 hour pre-license course. They cannot send someone else in his/her spot.
  • The certificate you receive from the 25 Hour Pre-License class never expires. You do not have a time limit to get your license.

Continuing education

  • This class is for anyone not just HBA members
  • The Continuing Education classes are for already licensed contractors. If you do not have a license yet, then you do not need continuing education.
  • Contractors are required to do 6 hours in one of the following combinations
    • 3 Core and 3 Professional hours or
  • 6 Core Hours
    • 3 of the Core or Professional hours can be done online
    • You can do all 6 hours on a webinar.
  • A 6 hour webinar is considered a live course. You can get all the required credit from a webinar.
  • Contractors must renew their license every odd year.
  • If your license has lapsed for over 4 years, then you are required to do the 25 Hour Pre-License class
  • We do not offer Continuing Education for the real estate license or for other state contractor’s licenses.
  • The credits you receive from our Continuing Education courses can not be transferred over to a real estate license or to another state. (We do not give credit to any state license except for Utah.)

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