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Why it pays to buy a house: Homeowners became 40 times wealthier than renters in the past decade

Read the article on USAToday.com https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/real-estate/2023/04/18/homeowners-wealth-vs-renting-housing-market/11683922002/
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Addressing The Gas Stove Controversy

Recent reports such as the one released in December of 2022 from the International Journal ofEnvironmental Research and Public Health ...
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Home Warranties: Are They Worth It?

By Susan Doktor The home warranty market is worth some $3.6 billion in the US today and has experienced4.1% growth ...
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8 Best Home Warranty Companies of July 2022

Author: Edgar J. Nieves Editor: Taína Cuevas Updated by: Edgar J. Nieves Published: Jun 28, 202233 min readSHARE Ad Best for Roof CoverageBest for ...
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The cooling housing market enters into the Great Deceleration

May 26, 2022 •  As states issued strict lockdowns two years ago, it was a foregone conclusion that the U.S. housing market ...
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A key with a house charm

Property Taxes are Largest Share of State and Local Tax Receipts

March 22, 2022 •  Property taxes accounted for a whopping $672.5 billion state and local tax receipts between the fourth quarter ...
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Record lumber prices dragging homebuyers and renovators to the woodshed

By Art Raymond@DNTechHive  May 11, 2021, 10:00pm MDT A worker installs a recessed light fixture at a building site in South Jordan ...
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A worker holding his yellow construction cap and tools tied to his waist

Residential Construction Employment Rose Slightly in April

BY JING FU on MAY 7, 2021 • (0) Job gains unexpectedly slowed in April as states lifted COVID-19 restrictions on businesses and more people ...
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Small wooden houses in white color and highlighting the orange house

February Home Sales Down on Rising Material Costs, Interest Rates

Higher interest rates, supply shortages and rising material prices, particularly for lumber, put a damper on new home sales in ...
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construction plan sheets, safety helmet, and more items

Staying Strong: Salt Lake’s 2021 Real Estate Forecast

December 9, 2020 Twenty-twenty has been a long string of disasters on almost every front except for one—real estate. Over ...
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