What Do I Need to Complete in Order to Become a Specialty Contractor in Utah?

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 What Do I Need to Complete in Order to   Become a General Contractor in Utah?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take continuing education for my company?

Each licensee, or the licensee's qualifier, or an officer, director, or supervising individual, as designated by the licensee.

How many CE hours do I need to renew my license?

Contractors need 6 hours.

What classes can I take to renew my license?

You may take any class that you would like to renew your license. You do need 1 hour of energy code as part of the 6 hours you take.

Is energy code included in the 6 hour classes you offer?

Most of our 6 hour classes include energy code and are indicated as such. It is also available on our online platform separately.

What if I have an S330, S410, or S350?

For an S330 or S410, if you install backflow protectors, you must take 2 hours of backflow as part of the 6 total hours.
For an S350 you must take 3 hours (of the total 6 hours) of an HVAC specific class which is directly related to the installation, repair, or replacement of a heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system. This 3 hours includes energy code.

Do I need to take any hours in person?

You may take all 6 hours online, in person, or via webinar.

What happens after I finish a class?

You will receive a certificate of completion for your records and we will upload your credits to DOPL. You will then wait until you receive a postcard in the mail from DOPL with your renewal ID to renew your license.

When will I be able to renew my license for 2023?

In the fall, you will receive a renewal ID via email. Once you receive this you may renew your license.

When is the deadline for renewal?

November 30, 2023